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  • Important: An overseas Chinese student may choose to apply through the National Overseas Chinese Committee as an overseas Chinese student or he may choose to apply directly to National Chung Cheng University as an international student. It is strictly forbidden to apply to both systems. Download application forms:English Version(PDF), Chinese/English Version(PDF)
    1.To complete an application, the applicant must submit the following items:
    a.Two copies of application form attached with a recent photograph
    b.Two copies of diplomas obtained (with certified Chinese or English translation if the original is in other languages) and two copies of complete transcripts in English
    c.Two recommendation letters (including one from a teacher of Chinese language)
    d.A health certificate (including HIV tests)
    e.A study proposal in Chinese or English
    f.Financial statement (a certificate showing sufficient financial support for his/her education, maintenance and living expenses in Taiwan)
    2.All application forms and supporting documents should be mailed to:
    Office of Exams National Chung Cheng University 168, University Rd., Ming-Hsiung, Chia-Yi 621, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    3.Time of application:
    Applicants seeking admission must submit the Application Forms and all the supporting documents (e.g., transcripts, research proposals, etc.) during the period between October 1st and end of February. Applicants should send the aforesaid application documents to the Office of Exams as early as possible. All documents should reach the Office of the Exams before the closing date. Admission notices will be issued to those admitted after evaluation. A health certificate and insurance document (medical insurance) should be submitted upon registration. Those who do not have any medical insurance will be required to submit the insurance fee and join local insurance programs.
    ●International students who wish to proceed with postgraduate courses after they finish the undergraduate program in this University should apply on the same basis as regular local students.
    ●International students who have graduated or have been expelled from any university in this country should not apply as international students again. Those who violate this rule will be disqualified.
    Evaluation and Admission
    After receiving application documents from the Office of Exams, our department/ institute will organize an evaluation committee for the evaluation procedure. The result should be sent back to the Exams Office, along with all the documents before April 30. A final-stage evaluation will be conducted by the University Evaluation Committee afterwards.
    The University Evaluation Committee is chaired by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Members of the committee include deans of the colleges, the Dean of Student Affairs and the chairpersons of related department/institute. The result will be forwarded to the University President for approval. An individual notice of admission will be sent to accepted applicants.
    No.168, Sec. 1, University Rd., Min-Hsiung Township, Chia-yi County 621, Taiwan R.O.C. Tel:(05)-2720809 e-mail:seismo@eq.ccu.edu.tw(Mrs.S)